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Kandahar Boardwalk: Morale Builder or Distraction?

A few weeks ago, various media outlets announced that the Kandahar Airfield ball hockey rink would be repatriated and displayed for posterity in the Canadian War Museum. The hockey rink was built during Canada’s deployment of military forces to Afghanistan and occupied prime territory in the middle of the Kandahar boardwalk. The best KFC and
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Author Interview: Gregory Taylor

This week’s author interview is with Gregory Taylor, a local author from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Gregory is a mathematics teacher with a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, as well as a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. Gregory’s been an editor and serial writer, he was a Chief Scriptwriter for Faculty, Alumni, Staff,
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Eyes on the Prize

As part of the series on applying the Principles of War to the business of writing, this week looks at the first principle, Selection and Maintenance of the Aim. ​What was the aim of Canada’s mission in Afghanistan? Consider: Canada sent forces to Afghanistan in late-2001 / early-2002 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. The aim
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Author Interview: Barbara Florio Graham

This week I’m interviewing Barbara Florio Graham, a writer, teacher, and communications consultant. Barbara has contributed to more than 100 magazines and newspapers around the world, websites in 46 countries in 11 time zones, and 38 print anthologies in five countries. Her award-winning Christmas Story has been reprinted in high school textbooks for students learning
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The Golden Hour

Taking a small break from the blog over the Christmas period, so please find some war poetry. Perhaps not quite the holiday spirit, but this is what’s in the ready rack. Please feel free to leave questions / comments, and I hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays. Lastly, please spare a thought or two for those
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AUthor Interview: Janna Grace

For those with questions on crowdfunding and the Inkshares platform, Inkshares author Donna Fung has started a new series called Coming Clean on Crowdfunding that looks into both of those topics. This first interview is with Janna Grace, author of The Talkers are Talking. Check out the interview below!


The Importance of Fighting Spirit

There are many high standards in the military, which is a good thing. After all, entrusting an institution with the use of violence on behalf of society is an impressive responsibility. As necessary as these standards are, it can be difficult to meet them all the time. Over the course of my career, as ashamed
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On Edumacation

Yogi Berra reportedly said that, ‘you can observe a lot just by watching.’ Sounds similar to the After-Action Review (AAR) process, a tool of organizational learning that is indeed based on observing a lot. Briefly, the AAR process begins by compiling observations about an event or action. When the event is done, these observations are
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