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Meet the Author: Cari Dubiel

Rare indeed is the debut author who picks up awards for their novel, and even rarer still are those stories that win awards before even being published. And yet, that’s exactly what Cari Dubiel has done with her debut work-in-progress, How to Remember. This past November, an excerpt of Cari’s speculative fiction mystery won her the
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Author Interview: Gregory Taylor

This week’s author interview is with Gregory Taylor, a local author from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Gregory is a mathematics teacher with a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, as well as a Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University. Gregory’s been an editor and serial writer, he was a Chief Scriptwriter for Faculty, Alumni, Staff,
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Author Interview: Barbara Florio Graham

This week I’m interviewing Barbara Florio Graham, a writer, teacher, and communications consultant. Barbara has contributed to more than 100 magazines and newspapers around the world, websites in 46 countries in 11 time zones, and 38 print anthologies in five countries. Her award-winning Christmas Story has been reprinted in high school textbooks for students learning
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Author Interview: Alastair Luft

Inkshares author Donna Fung is currently running a video series of author interviews where she digs into tips and techniques for crowdfunding a novel. To date, authors Janna Grace and Jane-Holly Meissner have provided a wealth of knowledge and set the bar high. This week’s interview is with yours truly, so here’s hoping I can
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AUthor Interview: Janna Grace

For those with questions on crowdfunding and the Inkshares platform, Inkshares author Donna Fung has started a new series called Coming Clean on Crowdfunding that looks into both of those topics. This first interview is with Janna Grace, author of The Talkers are Talking. Check out the interview below!


Author Interview: Adam Corres

This week’s interview is with Adam Corres. Adam feels he could have been good at about 40 different things but never specialised at any of them for long enough to settle. Obviously he wouldn’t want to be known for number 17 or have to explain any of that before a jury. Number 23 is a bit
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