Month: October 2018


Six Word Story Blog – 30 Oct 18

Here’s how it works: every week I tweet out six word stories based on writing prompts. When I get a chance, I elaborate on the story behind the six word story, because there’s only so much you can do with six words. This week’s explanations (the story is the caption for the photos): “Forced fun
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Six Word Story Blog – 25 Oct 18

This week’s six word stories: Rules were made to be broken. This is another Hallowe’en themed writing prompt, but I decided that the story behind this witch flying outside an airplane window was really a love story. The witch is flying right beside the plane (in fact, she should probably be concerned she doesn’t get
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Six Word Story Blog – 16 Oct 18

This week’s samples: Set? Get! Run. Fun! Ball. Leaf? For some reason I generally find animal prompts difficult and this one was no exception. A dog with a leaf in its mouth? I was coming up blank and was on the verge of taking a knee on this prompt until I wondered what sort of
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Six Word Story Blog – 6 Oct 2018

A little delayed as I was travelling last week, but here are my explanations for some recent six word stories. Enjoy!   An elephant? Seriously? Barrel bottom: Reached. A literal elephant in the room, the possibilities are endless! Actually, these strongly visual prompts can be limiting as the cliché of the elephant in the room
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