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Six Word Story Blog – 16 Sep 18

For the last month or so I’ve been playing around with six-word stories. Twitter handle @AgathaChocolats puts out a daily prompt and as part of my writing practice, I give myself a few minutes to put something together. Since telling a story in six words is a challenge to say the least, I thought I’d
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Meet the Author: Cari Dubiel

Rare indeed is the debut author who picks up awards for their novel, and even rarer still are those stories that win awards before even being published. And yet, that’s exactly what Cari Dubiel has done with her debut work-in-progress, How to Remember. This past November, an excerpt of Cari’s speculative fiction mystery won her the
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The Importance of Flexibility: Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome

The summer of 2006 in Kandahar, Afghanistan was surreal. In the early spring of that year, coalition forces regularly drove Panjwayi district, 30 km southwest of Kandahar city. By August, the region was nearly impassable, with several hundred to a thousand Taliban fighters reported to be in the district and intelligence analysts stressing that the
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