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Walking a Lonely Path

My wife used to teach dance, so when we started dating we did a lot of dancing related activities. We took lessons, performed a choreographed dance at our wedding, even participated in a minor dance competition. ​I made progress, but was it ever tough. Not only did I feel like a fish out of water,
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Identify The Enemy

In the army, pathfinder and scout forces learn that a fundamental of reconnaissance operations is to gain and maintain contact with the enemy. In other words, once you find the enemy, never take your eye off them because who knows what they’re doing when you’re not watching? ​Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to identify
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Be Brilliant At The Basics

In 2002, I deployed to Afghanistan with the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Battle Group. In the aftermath of 9/11 and as part Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, our Battle Group got sent to Kandahar, a largely barren environment near the Registan desert. Our uniforms were green (we hadn’t been issued desert camouflage)
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Know Your Start point

When I decided to start writing, the one smart thing I did was not go off half-cocked. One of the benefits of military service is that the importance of having a plan is drilled into you almost from day one. Even winging it can be a good plan, as long as you consciously make that
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In the beginning…

In the summer of 2013, I realized I wasn’t happy. This guy is not happy… Not that I was unhappy – I wasn’t. In fact, I had a lot to be happy about, like the birth of my second daughter and a career path that was on track, on target and full of potential. And
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