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The Writer As A Leader

For the better part of the last 20 years, leadership has been my bread and butter. Don’t take that the wrong way – I’m not claiming to be a good leader; just expressing the fact that leadership training has been part of my daily routine since I began preparing to be an officer. It started
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Author Interview: Kyle T. Cowan

This week’s interview is with Kyle T. Cowan, an actor in TV and film, and also a writer of novels and screenplays. Kyle is currently crowdfunding his novel, Sunshine is Forever, through Inkshares, where it has received backing from three different syndicates. If you’d like to see more of Kyle, you can catch him in
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Author interview – Allison Griner

This week’s author interview is with Allison Griner, an aspiring author who hails from Indianapolis. Allison studied Creative Writing and Graphic Arts Technology at Ball State University and is currently crowdfunding her book, Storm Song, through Inkshares. She enjoys fantasy novels and sci fi television, as well as tabletop roleplaying games and nearly any board game
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Word by Word

Memory works in funny ways. Take my first deployment to Afghanistan, probably still my favorite. There are the obvious memories, of course. The Whale. Tarnak Farms. The crowds lining the streets all the way from the airport to CFB Edmonton when we got back. These tents didn’t get hot at all… ​Then there are the
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Author Interview – J.M. Bush

This week sees the start of a new segment, author interviews – a great opportunity to ask other writers about their lessons learned and their current projects. Without further ado, the very first interview is with J.M. Bush, a native of Alabama, USA and currently hailing from Penang, Malaysia. J.M.’s a great author to open this
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Crawl, Walk, Run

When’s the last time you started something new? One of the joys of having kids is seeing them try new things every day. When they accomplish something they’ve never done before, it’s amazing. What often goes unseen, however, are all the times they’ve tried before, the practice attempts. Let’s take brushing your teeth as an
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Navigating Story Structure

Are you a natural storyteller? A lot of people would say they’re not, including me. Too self-conscious, too introverted, whatever – excuses are a dime a dozen, right? ​Not so fast, says Lisa Cron, author of Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers From the Very First Sentence. Ms.
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Starting From Scratch

I used to take a lot of pictures. When I first joined the military, I almost always had a camera with me and would snap pictures whenever I could. Not beauties, but good for memories, like this one: Who’s this douchebag? Oh wait… ​Or this: Oh, Phase 3 Infantry…I don’t even miss you a little
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