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Six Word Story Blog – 30 Oct 18

Here’s how it works: every week I tweet out six word stories based on writing prompts. When I get a chance, I elaborate on the story behind the six word story, because there’s only so much you can do with six words. This week’s explanations (the story is the caption for the photos): “Forced fun
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Six Word Story Blog – 25 Oct 18

This week’s six word stories: Rules were made to be broken. This is another Hallowe’en themed writing prompt, but I decided that the story behind this witch flying outside an airplane window was really a love story. The witch is flying right beside the plane (in fact, she should probably be concerned she doesn’t get
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Six Word Story Blog – 16 Oct 18

This week’s samples: Set? Get! Run. Fun! Ball. Leaf? For some reason I generally find animal prompts difficult and this one was no exception. A dog with a leaf in its mouth? I was coming up blank and was on the verge of taking a knee on this prompt until I wondered what sort of
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Six Word Story Blog – 6 Oct 2018

A little delayed as I was travelling last week, but here are my explanations for some recent six word stories. Enjoy!   An elephant? Seriously? Barrel bottom: Reached. A literal elephant in the room, the possibilities are endless! Actually, these strongly visual prompts can be limiting as the cliché of the elephant in the room
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Six Word Story Blog – 22 Sep 18

During the week I try my hand at Six Word Stories; this blog is my stream of consciousness that led to the stories. Enjoy! Pevensies got a wardrobe. Me? Wastebin. I’m not going to lie, I really thought I nailed this one. The language sets up the story as a humorous take on C.S. Lewis’s
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Six Word Story Blog – 16 Sep 18

For the last month or so I’ve been playing around with six-word stories. Twitter handle @AgathaChocolats puts out a daily prompt and as part of my writing practice, I give myself a few minutes to put something together. Since telling a story in six words is a challenge to say the least, I thought I’d
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Meet the Author: Cari Dubiel

Rare indeed is the debut author who picks up awards for their novel, and even rarer still are those stories that win awards before even being published. And yet, that’s exactly what Cari Dubiel has done with her debut work-in-progress, How to Remember. This past November, an excerpt of Cari’s speculative fiction mystery won her the
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A Meditation on Violence

On November 4, 2017, TEDx Calgary hosted an event called Signal vs Noise in recognition of the multiple, divergent viewpoints in today’s increasingly polarized and opinion-driven world. The challenge for speakers? To identify ideas worth listening to and avoid distractions, or those things that should be tuned out. With separating signal from noise being an
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Canada Company: Supporting Canadian Military and Their Families

Every year, around 5,000 veterans leave the Canadian Armed Forces. Some go directly into retirement, some face medical rehabilitation, but many look for second careers. As they enter the civilian workplace, these veterans bring unique experiences and skills, qualities that should make them desirable to many private sector employers. And yet, up until 2013 most
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